The Rumors About Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin, who played the second lead in "You Who Came From The Stars," has had enough of the rumors. This week he became the latest actor to take a stand against slanderous comments made by netizens.According to his agency, WM Company, the 30-year-old actor has taken legal action against a netizen who made slanderous comments about him and has plans to sue many more. A representative of the agency told Star News that the actor endured the rumors and slander for a long time but felt he finally had to act. "It was far from subsiding and actually became worse so we decided to take legal action," said a WM Company representative. "The situation reached the point that it became untenable because of the family's severe stress. Following the first round of charges, we are reviewing additional charges." The first charges were filed with the Busan Province Police against a netizen called Lee. He is being sued for $1,500. Lee pretended to be Park Hae Jin's high school friend and spread rumors about him. According to WM Company, baseless rumors spread by Lee were circulating and making their way into news articles. "An actor's image is his life," said a WM representative. "Casting his image in a negative light has a direct influence on his ability to land parts and get advertising contracts. We will be asking for damages." The agency has also collected information on 30 more netizens. Some of the rumors concerned Park Hae Jin's exemption from military service almost a decade ago. Some of the comments claimed that he dodged the draft but the actor was legitimately exempted from military duty. He is nearsighted, has been treated for depression and other health problems. He had a physical exam in 2003, was treated for depression and social anxiety, and then had a second exam in 2004. After the second exam he was permanently exempted. Shortly after his exemption, Star News quoted him as saying, "Even if I wanted go into the military, I couldn't have, as I didn't have the right to volunteer." Celebrities taking action against online slander is currently one of the biggest issues in the world of k-celebrities. This week Song Yoon Ah sued netizens over persistent rumors that she dated her husband when he was still married to someone else. Other celebrities who have taken legal action include actress Song Hye Kyo, singer-actress IU and the members of JYJ. Park Hae Jin will next appear in "Dr. Stranger" with Lee Jong Suk.
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Write by: Dj Donk - Thursday, March 27, 2014

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