6 Important lists You should Know to Stay out of trouble While visiting Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries that has the best tourist attraction in the world. That makes Thailand top income from the tourism. Thai people are normally nice and gently people. They usually extra nice to outsiders or foreigner who come to Thailand. As a host country, they love their guests and friends from other countries. However, there are things you should not do while visiting Thailand. We have come up with 6 important lists you should know to stay out of trouble while visiting Thailand.

6 Important lists You should Know to Stay out of trouble While visiting Thailand
Do and Don't in Thailand

(1) Do not talk ill things about the Monarch family or images

Thai people respect and love the Monarch family especially the present king. As the present king has done a lot for Thai people, he receives loves and respect from almost all Thais. Therefore, talking ill things about the King or the royal family would seriously put you in danger. There are pictures of the king or royal family, you should not criticize or do anything about the pictures. There used to be foreigners spraying colors to the picture of the king, he got arrested and put in prison. 

(2) Do not get involved in politics

In the past, politics was not a sensitive issues until the recent years. These days it becomes the very sensitive issue and very dangerous thing. There are a few groups who have different view in politics in Thailand. The main group are yellow group, or anti-Thaksin group and the other the red group or pro-Thaksin. Do not show your opinion publicly that which group you favor. If you say you are favor to yellow group to a red group, then you are in a serious danger. This has become very serious in Thailand. Recently, people even beat up the monk which Thai people always respect most. 

(3) Do not do anything weird to religious statues

Majority Thais are believing in Buddhism and also in shrines. You will see Buddha images and temples almost every corners. You will see almost every house has a shrine at a corner of their house. Thai people deeply believing in those things. So, you should not insult or say or do anything bad to those things. Also, you should not put shoes on where Buddha images are kept. 

(4) Do not touch the head and messing with hair

Thai people consider the head as the most sacred part of the body. Touching head is seen as rude. Unless you are the best friend or very close to that person, you should not touch Thai people's head. You will sometimes see Thai people do touch one another head - those are the best friends or they are very close to one another.

(5) Do not Point at things with feet

Foot is consider to be the most lowest or least sacred part of the body. Pointing at things with your feet is considered very rude. You will rarely see Thai people do that if not 100% always. So, if you do that, you could be in trouble. 

(6) Do not raise your voice

As mentioned, Thai people are polite and talk gently. You might think talking loudly is not a problem in you home country. But you would be mistaken when you are in Thailand. If you raise your voice, Thai people would see as you are angry or not happy with something. So if you do that in some cases, people might be angry at you and act accordingly. So, just be careful with the tone of your voice. :)
If you consider the above useful and just be careful when in Thailand, you would be very well treated. And you would enjoy your time more than you expect. Thai people are really nice and friendly.

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