6 Reasons Men are Afraid of Relationships And Commitments

To help you ladies understand, why men are the way they are, when it comes to commitment, here are some major reasons that send them running to the hills when “commitment” word is used.

1. Freedom is priceless
Guys feel that there is no way they can sustain their freedom while in a relationship. The choice to do what they want to and when they want to, is something that they will not give up easily. Once a woman enters their life, their next cricket game will have to wait while they watch the latest romantic comedy with their sweethearts; and they don’t want that to happen
2. Hard to leave the field
Many women view this as the most important reason behind why guys run from commitment. As much as guys would like to deny this, it is partially true. Men are never completely satisfied, and some of them are even scared that a relationship could ruin their chances of finding someone “better”. They would hold on to their freedom as far as possible, as they are never sure what it is they are truly looking for.
3. Free time? What is that?
That is the general consensus that most men have. Once men enter a committed relationship they feel they would have to spend their entire time either following, or being followed by their lady love. Most guys can’t give up on their essential ‘guy time’ for a relationship. That could be one of the main reasons why men think twice before getting committed.
4. Still quite immature So, what if he has a stable job and a lovely apartment?
That doesn’t mean that the guy is ready to commit himself to a woman. Commitment, for most men, is a sign of growing up and taking responsibilities. And, that is what sends them into a panic mode, instantly. It is a well-known fact that girls mature faster than guys, and this point comes into play here. If the man feels he isn’t mature enough for a serious relationship there is no way you could force him into one.
5. Emotional baggage
There are a large number of men who just can’t get emotionally involved with a woman. As it is, we know that men have a tough time showing their emotions. And, relationships mean exploring a multitude of emotions every now and then. The reason can be anything, from a childhood trauma or a previous failed relationship. Such men will not want to say yes to a steady relationship, as they might not be emotionally comfortable yet.
6. One partner, forever!
Ask a guy, is he ready for “one partner in bed forever”? And, it will take him some time to answer it. Most guys are not ready to give up the idea of “variety” by committing to one woman.
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