Doctors Find 12 Gold Bars Inside Businessman

Doctors in India were shocked to find 12 gold bars inside the stomach of a businessman who was admitted after complaining of pains.
The 63-year-old man went to a hospital in Delhi earlier this month saying he had swallowed a cap from a water bottle and wanted it removed from his body. He also complained of pain and vomiting prompting surgeons to operate, when they discovered the hoard though to be worth around £13,900.
Doctors discovered a total of 12 gold bars, each weighing 33g which were discovered in his stomach rather than a bottle cap, it has been reported.
And now it is understood that customs officials have questioned the man and the gold has been confiscated.
Senior consulting surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Dehli Dr C S Ramachandran told the Indian Express : 'He approached us on April 7 seeking surgery to remove a water bottle cap which he claimed he had accidentally swallowed. 'We got an X-ray done and it didn’t appear to be a cap. As the gold bars got stacked one behind the other it appeared to be a metal. We were shocked to find not one but 12 gold biscuits in his abdomen.
'If it would have stayed inside for couple of more days, it would have led to severe bleeding and rupture of the intestine and septicemia.'
The businessman was thought to be a known patient at the hospital. India is one of the world's largest consumers of gold but has recently tightened regulations on gold imports following a rise in smuggling.
The import tax on gold has been increased three times to try and subdue demand for the metal.
Source DailyMail
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Write by: Dj Donk - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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