Pope Francis’ Easter Message to Christians of Nigeria

VATICAN CITY — Celebrating Easter Sunday, Christianity’s most joyous and hopeful
day, Pope Francis prayed for peace in Ukraine and Syria and for an end to the terrorist
attacks in Nigeria that have targeted many Christians.

More than 150,000 tourists — Romans and pilgrims, young and old — turned out for
the Mass that Francis celebrated at an altar set up under a canopy on the steps of St.
Peter’s Basilica.
So great were their numbers that they overflowed the huge square, which was
bedecked with row after row of potted daffodils, sprays of blue hyacinths and bunches
of white roses. Waving flags from the pope’s native
Argentina as well as from Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Poland and many other countries,
they also filled the broad boulevard leading from the square to the Tiber River.
Dawn brought clear skies and warm temperatures for Easter, the culmination of Holy
Week, the day which marks the Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead after his
Francis noted that this year the Catholic church’s celebration of Easter coincided with
that of Orthodox churches, which have many followers in Ukraine. Some of the hymns
at the Vatican Mass on Sunday were in Russian.
Invoking God, he said, “we ask you to enlighten and inspire the initiatives that promote
peace in Ukraine, so that all those involved, with the support of the international
community, will make every effort to prevent violence.”
Tensions between pro-Russian supporters in Ukraine and those loyal to the interim
government in Kiev have sparked bloodshed in recent days.
Francis also prayed that all sides in Syria will be moved to “boldly negotiate the peace
long awaited and long overdue.” Since March 2011, Syria has been wracked by a civil
war that has cost 150,000 lives and forced millions to flee the country.
Christians make up about 5 percent of Syria’s population. In comments to mark Easter
there, the Greek Orthodox patriarch vowed that Christians there “will not submit” to
extremists who attack “our people and holy places.”
Francis makes a pilgrimage to Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Israel next
month. On Easter, he prayed that hopes sparked by the resumption of Mideast peace
negotiations be sustained.
He also recalled those suffering in Africa from an epidemic of deadly Ebola and urged
a halt to “brutal terrorist attacks” in parts of Nigeria.
Source: Associated Press

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