What Makes Kdrama, Japanese And American Shows Different ??

This was sent to me by a close friend who's a movie critic by the way and a talented writer ... Hope you like it ..
I love Korean dramas, American shows and I can't really say the same Japanese drama. But it’s no surprise because Korean dramas has become popular throughout Asia in a phenomenon called hallyu (Korean wave) with growing interest in other parts of the world more than any other Asian dramas. They sometimes are popular enough to get remade in other
countries like “winter sonata”, it got so popular in Japan that a Japanese version was made and “boys over flowers” a Korean drama which now have an America version called “boys before friends” and also Japanese version and manga.  Kdramas are comparable in content to other Asian drama but I’m going to give some difference between Kdrama, Japanese drama and America movies.
First of all when someone says Japan what comes first into your mind, I don’t know about you but for me --- anime then manga. To be honest I don’t really know anything specific about the country other than that. last year after I got hooked on Kdrama I started looking into other Asians dramas (other than Chinese and Indian films of course) like Japanese (I didn’t realise they make movies other than anime at first.) and Taiwanese (really love to try but haven’t). Then I notice the differences between them and American movies which I was already used to.
But Comparing Kdrama to Japanese drama is like comparing Justin bieber to westlife or the vampire diaries to twilight. Kdrama is just satisfying to watch because half the time you are drooling over good looking guys with plastic surgery over a good story. Japanese drama there is no need for that kind of formula because they want their audience to notice the story they made with anime effects which is another main difference. Japanese entertain in general is base so heavily on anime and manga that even if they use REAL people rather than anime characters the actors still retain their traditional behaviour and it simply don’t work at least for me, it doesn’t.
Kdrama typically run from 16 to 20 episodes, except in historical that may stretch for 50 to 100 in a single season or a really popular drama that may go on for a second season like “dream high”. Japanese dramas are not soup operas they always end within 10 to 12 with each episode an hour long, I don’t think I should bother explaining this in the case of American shows because they go on for several seasons up to 100 to 200 episodes.
Okay have any Kdrama fans ever seen a gay couple in dramas? I said gay couple not some guy claiming to be gay like lee jong suk character in secret garden. There was one in ‘life is beautiful’ and Koreans especially the elders didn’t take it well.
“If my son becomes gay and die from AIDS after watching ‘life is beautiful’, SBS will take responsibility.” That was a comment from a Korean mum. (A little dramatic maybe? SBS was the station that showed the drama.) American is very lax in the case and I'm not really sure in the case of Japanese drama but I do think it's probably the same with kdramas.
Some Japanese dramas set in historical times and you’ll notice that more of Kdrama take place in historical setting. It is a fact that Koreans have a lot of pride in their country and wishes to educate non Koreans about their history. Also Kdramas are known for the dazzling capitalist material they portray luxurious houses, latest technologies, fashionable outfits and top notch profession but you should know that what is shown on TV is nothing but an artificial representation of the Korean society. Where as a Japanese drama is not so, but seriously you got to give credits to the Koreans they work hard to make sure everything looks extravagant and gorgeous. I think it’s because Japanese drama may be less budgeted compared to Kdrama
Innocence is generally accepted (you don’t know about sex, never been kissed & fighting is horrific) and shown a lot in Kdrama while American ones find that as ignorance that’s why sex and violence are explicated in their movies but there are some Asians dramas that adhere to American ones and some that differ greatly.
Romances are a popular genre that appears in both kdramas and Japanese dramas (and of course American ones) but there is a difference on the type of romance. The Kdrama “winter sonata” may have be popular among the Japanese audiences due to the traditional “love at first sight/love conquers all” kind of romance portrayed. In Japan, dramas showing an independent career woman falling in love as she juggles a position of power with romances are common. An example is “around 40” and sometimes their stories are complicated, compressed and deliver abstract messages. As American movies focus on more on scandals gossips, affairs and lives of the rich(90210, the OC etc) kdramas focus more on romance, family, melodramas (winter sonata, boys before flowers.) with twists. They unravel the simple love between a man and a woman. Although the stories are sometimes unrealistic, such as sudden death, leukaemia or memory lost. Seriously if I watch another Kdrama with a character suddenly asking “who are you? Who am I?” It will be too soon.
Kdrama tends to be more traditional and Japanese drama more modern. An example is matchmaking, in most Kdrama you will notice the parents of the lead characters set up their children in match making session usually to someone of equal status (sometimes it serves as an obstacle for their love interest in the dramas). This is a concept that exists in both cultures but occurs more in kdramas than in Japanese dramas but I don’t see such in American shows or are there?
Hands down the Korean actors and actresses are much better looking than any other countries. If I could touch them through my screen I’d imagined their skin would feel like that of a dolphin also bearing in mind that most Korean celebrity may have undergo plastic surgery more than Japanese actors or uses skin lightening creams. Japanese actors are more real in this case.
Kdrama and Japanese drama are the same in this case, they only have actors from their country (Koreans act Kdrama and the Japanese act the Japanese drama) you rarely and I mean rarely see a foreign actor/actress in their drama compared to American ones. It could be that South Korea and Japan are not really diverse multicultural countries I mean America was established by immigrants.
If you actually think about it Asian drama are a bit corny and cheesy but it doesn’t appear so. In American shows if a girl was in love but diagnosed with some rare disease, you will kind of see it as --okay what are the odds? While in Asians dramas you are you are brought to tears...and feel pity for her and just....just well I can’t describe it. All I can say is that Kdrama can really be emotional. I can remember a Kdrama called “her legend” and by the second episode I think, I found myself crying. (You may think what could have happen by the second episode that made me cry, they just have a way to draw you in and suck you into the kdramaverse that you care so much about the characters.) And once you are in, there is no way out. So BEWARE!!
There are lots of differences and similarity between the three and maybe another time I would write about their similarities. American, Korean dramas and Japanese drama are all unique in their own way. If I left out any other differences or you notice a similarity between any of them or you have a favourite between them be sure to comment below.
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