Which #Beyoncé Song Was Meant for #KatyPerry? 5 Juiciest Revelations From Sia's Epic NYT Interview

Sia's latest interview is jam-packed with fascinating music industry revelations! The 38-year-old Aussie singer and songwriter (full name Sia Furler) recently sat down with the New York Times to dish on working with some of the biggest pop stars in the world.
Here are the juiciest revelations from Sia's epic profile.
1. Katy Perry Should Check Her Emails: Beyoncé's song "Pretty Hurts" was actually originally written by Sia for Katy Perry! According to the NYT, "Furler emailed the song to her friend Katy Perry, but Perry didn't see the email. So Furler passed the song along to Rihanna's manager, who held it for eight months, but ultimately did not pay the fee to secure the track." Sia adds, "'When Beyoncé heard it, she slid into home base and just closed the deal.'" Perry later heard the Bey track and texted Sia, "I'm pretty hurt you never sent me this song," to which Sia responded, "Check your email."
2. Sia Is Seriously Speedy: Sia has written countless hit songs, including "Titanium" for David Guetta and "Perfume" for Britney Spears, but she broke a record when she penned the song "Diamonds" for Rihanna. According to the interview, "While at Rihanna's studio, Furler wrote 'Diamonds' in 14 minutes." Damn!
3. Thanks, Google: Sia has Google to thank for her hit "Titanium." She reveals, "I typed into Google, 'What is bulletproof?'...I wrote 'Titanium' in 40 minutes."
4. Lea Michele's Sad Tribute to Cory: Lea Michele wanted to work with Sia on a song that would pay tribute to her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith. During their studio session, "Michele began to sob on the sofa, and Furler eventually wrote 'If You Say So' based on the young star's feelings. 'Maybe it was because I have a dead boyfriend, too,' Furler said later."
5. Sia's Spiritual Buddies With Demi Moore: The NYT article reveals that Sia attends meditation workshops at the home of Demi Moore.
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