‘Blood spirit’ told me to attack nursing mother and behead her baby –Murder suspect

32 year old Bashir Ibrahim an indigene of Sokoto State who is said to have lived Ofada in Obafemi Owode LGA Ogun State for seven years and works as a labourer is currently being held at the Department of CriminalInvestigation, Eleweran, Abeokuta, Ogun State, for raping a nursing mother and beheading her baby, he is nothing more than a helpless victim of what he called a ‘blood spirit’ that possessed him and pushed him into the crime.
Chatty and jovial, Ibrahim could have passed for a suspect who had been accused of a mere street brawl, as his mien and the way he narrated the incident contrasted sharply with the infanticide and attempted murder that he has been accused of. “I don’t understand ‘paper English,’ I can only speak pidgin,” the man clarified before delving into his narration.
“Ah, this spirit that possessed me did not do well at all. I just wanted to sleep with her. I did not intend to rape her,” he began.
Ibrahim said that the woman, who cannot be named because of the sensitivity of the case, was his neighbour.
He said he had known the woman, who is a food vendor, for years and that in fact, they lived within a walking distance of each other.
Ibrahim said, “I used to buy Tuwo (a Hausa staple food) from her. But that day (Saturday, April 12, 2014), I approached her and told her I wanted to sleep with her. I told her I would pay her N500 but she said that was too small. But when I agreed to pay N1,000, she agreed.
“When it was night, I followed her to an uncompleted building not too far from where we live and I told her to put down her baby. She was carrying the boy on her back at the time.
“Immediately I started to have sex with her, the blood spirit just entered me. All I could see was blood. The spirit immediately pushed me to take the dagger I had on me and I started stabbing her.”
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