Happy Birthday David Beckham

Today may be David Beckham's birthday, but this is a gift for all of us. The soccer stud has
been eye candy for many of us for many years, and now that he's turning 39 years old, we
thought it would only be fair to commemorate his special day by admiring a number of his
sexy pics--and no, they're not all shirtless (but those are extra wonderful).
Whether he's in a well-tailored suit, workout gear or flashing his muscles while strutting
tighty-whities, David Beckham is the gift that keeps on giving.
Let's take a look at 13 prime examples of moments Beckham made us swoon (oh, and you're
1. When he's modeling underwear, obviously.
2. And when he's modeling even smaller underwear.
3. When he's edgy but gives us a smirk that could easily melt the coldest of hearts.
4. When he makes a white T-shirt seem like the greatest thing on this planet.
5. When he's being all sporty.
6. When he gives us a look like he's about to profess his hidden desire for us.
7. When he hugs a rope. We wish we were that rope.
8. When he shows off his tattoos.
9. And his butt.
10. When he color coordinates.
11. When he does whatever he's doing here.
12. When he's dapper.
13. When he's family man and hubby. Oh, to be that hand...

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Write by: Dj Donk - Friday, May 2, 2014

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