Video allegedly showing “chibok Schoolgirl being Tortured” Trending

Doubts Over Video’s Origin and Validity
The disturbing video allegedly “ showing one of the abducted Borno girls being executed” has been making the rounds on the web today.
Reports according to BN say they have made efforts to verify it and sources say the video is not recent and the incident did not take place in Nigeria.
With that, this video has heightened the urgency relating to the Chibok case as it illustrates possible scenarios which the girls can face. Words are not enough to describe just how inhumane and despicable the acts exhibited in this video are. Due to its extremely graphic nature, BN has chosen not to post the video.
Here's a summary of what the video shows:
A hole has been dug in the ground, somewhere that appears to be a rural area. A gang are shown leading the abductee to the hole. Her legs are then tied tautly with a rope, and a black piece of cloth is tied across her entire face.
She is then commanded to enter the hole, which she does.
The terrorists proceed to pour sand in the hole, filling it until it is at neck level – just below her jaw line. The animalistic men then proceed to hold a brief conversation with her. The girl is heard whimpering, as though begging for her life to be spared.
The gang of terrorists then begin to throw huge stones at her head, until it becomes a smashed, bloody mess. She dies.
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Write by: Dj Donk - Thursday, May 8, 2014

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