We Should Beg Boko Haram Not Protest- Dencia Speaks On Missing Abducted Girls #BringBackOurGirls

Just after a recent viral BBC News report that claims ‘A resident of the small town of Gwoza in the remote north-east on the 25th of April, saw a convoy of 11 vehicles painted in military colours carrying many girls, the massive calls on all social media platform for the government to facilitate the release of the Chibok secondary girls has grown, as celebrities in the entertainment industry also has joined the moving force in order to air their voice in the matter of concern.
Popular Skin lightening ‘Whitenicious’ owner, Dencia, shared her views about the release of the kidnapped girls saying,
“I don’t have a child but I’ll do this for my dog, what more a child? Most women and mothers don’t know the power they have. You know, there’s always one good person amongst the bad guys who might be watching, touched by his mother’s love and release the girls. I don’t know what they have done or haven’t done, but I believe you start doing the work and expect help ‘smh’.
“So far the government hasn't done much and has lied about rescuing the girls before, so don’t expect much. After all, there is no politician child involved, so don’t expect them to worry about you. I hear they want to hold a protest ‘smh’, I have seen all types of protest in Nigeria that never led to anything. So can this women save the energy and time and figure out a plan or start recording some sad crying videos begging boko haram, because I don’t know, it is just killing me”
The entrepreneur and singer further went on her twitter page to inquire from UNICEF’s ( The United Nations Children’s Fund), formerly ‘The United Nations Children Emergency Fund’ about their silence on the matter stating, “Dear @ UNICEF, why am I not seeing anything from you guys about the 200 missing girls in Nigeria? Children’s rights, survival and Protection?”
However, information has it that American troops are already in Chibok, Borno State to assist with efforts to bring back the girls.
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Write by: Dj Donk - Friday, May 2, 2014

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